Friday, April 17, 2009

Removed the logo

I had this ITM stem and it was the perfect size for the Univega Specialissima so I installed it. But that freaking ITM logo was annoying me. Largely because I wanted most everything on this bike to be Japanese. But, I didnt want to buy another stem just because of this.

So, I pulled out the wife's finger nail polish remover and scrubbed off the logo; much better.

Yes, the stem still isnt Japanese, but at least it isnt so obvious now.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well, I threw on a pair of 27" wheels I had. The black rims arent ideal, but I'm going to use them until I find some silver wheels for a good price, or a donor bike.

All thats really needed now is to get my bar end shifters in the mail and my Brooks saddle. Prices for Brooks have been crazy on eBay selling for more than new. So, I may just buy a new one.

Also, I went to Home Depot and bought some stainless steel nuts for my brake pads. I like the narrower look a lot more than the standard allen buts that come stock.



Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rear Brake Hanger

I've been eyeing this Surly rear brake hanger for over a year now. It looks so cool. I was looking at putting it on the Univega but a) I have a silver (steel) brake hanger in my parts box and b) I'm already over budget on the build and this little guy sells for $10 and c) I think it looks a little too modern.

Current State of Affairs

So, this is where the Univega currently is in the process. Bikes look so sad without wheels, hopefully, I'll be getting some soon.

I still need to buy a leather saddle (i.e. Brooks). I'm also going to buy a new longer seatpost. I dont think that LaPrade is going to be long enough.

the levers are old and the hoods are new Cane Creeks

the polished crank arms look pretty good on here as well as the Wellgo R4 pedals. The cage might not stay, but I have it for now.

Cleaning up pedals

So, I wanted this Univega bike to be kind of retro 1980's/classic looking. All silver, non-aero brake levers centerpulls etc.

So when it came to pedals, I had to think carefully. Platform pedals would have been cool.

But, I'm planning on riding this bike for longer than 2 miles, and I dont like wearing platforms for much longer than this. Even with the addition of toe clips, I dont like it.

I have used Look pedals for years as well as Speedplays, but I felt like both of these wouldnt have preserved the look I was going for. Even though Looks were made in the 80's I guess I wanted this bike to have a more classic look. Plus, Looks are so bulky and un-elegant.

What I chose was a pair of SPD-R pedals, Wellgo R4's actually. They are silver, clipless, and minimal. Although they were made in the 90's, I actually think they will fit this bike well.

I bought a pair off of eBay for $10 shipped with cleats, score! They were scratched up as to be expected.

By using just 000 steel wool I was able to remove the anodized coating and with a coat of Brasso on top of that, they really shine. Check out the before and after:

I would have used the Oven Cleaner trick, but there are so many small nooks and crannies, I was afraid it would take much longer (and it would have). Additionally, I was concerned about removing the spring loaded plate and never being able to put them back together.

The 000 steel wool worked well and was a good lesson, you dont always need oven cleaner to remove anodized coating