Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Raleigh Randonneur

I've had this bike for over two years now, bought originally off of Craigslist for $60 when I needed a bike to trek the 3 miles to my then job working as a marketing analyst for a small printing company.

I made some functional improvements in the thing, swapped out the cottered cranks for more modern three piece variety. New handlebars, Suntour bar end shifters, I even repainted the rusting downtube one weekend. The bike was transportation, nothing more. And nothing less, I needed it and couldn't tackle a repair or project that meant it wouldn't be ready for duty come Monday.

I don't work at the same place anymore, or live in the same place anymore, and I own a modern day station wagon now, so the bike has sat in the garage. Until now.

The Raleigh Randonneur project is on.

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